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Videos From the Grand Tetons

Tour has wrapped up, and there were many fun adventures shared, but two of my favorite were captured on video below. First, Jimbo and I played “Pick Up Your Horn” beneath the Grand Tetons. Then, we played “The Downside” about as close to a moose as you can safely be. Both videos are below, thanks to Katie Schluntz for filming (and working moose-lookout.) See you on the next tour!

Front of House Podcast

I sent a copy of The Optimist to Mike Dawson when it was released, hoping to receive an invite to play the California Avocado Festival as I had in years past. Imagine my surprise when he called me up and invited me to appear on his (relatively new) podcast, Front of House. I cruised down to his Burbank Bungalow and sat down for an hour of conversation and music. The podcast is in the iTunes Podcast App, search either “Front of House” or “DawsAngeles”, but you can also stream it from your browser. The songs I played are: The Lampolier, Westward, Philip Marshall Cates, Moonshine, Boulder, & Chain of Fools. Thanks to Mike for having me!

The Optimist on KALX


I’m over the moon to see that The Optimist has not only broken into the rotation at KALX 90.7, UC Berkeley’s radio station, but it was #14 on last week’s charts among the fine company of Beck, Wye Oak, Broken Bells, Aloe Blacc, and St. Paul & the Broken Bones.  If you’re in the Bay Area, feel free to tune in and keep your ears peeled!  Oh, and by the way, their request line is 510-642-KALX. (Please don’t harass them, but who knows what effect a phone call could have? )
KALX Charts

The Optimist – Now Available

It’s been a long, long road, but the day has finally come to release my third album.  There are many ways to get your copy of Grover Anderson, the Optimist, including at live shows, through this site, on iTunes, on Amazon, on Google Play, or just about anywhere else.  All the lyrics are posted on this site as well. Enjoy, and thank you!

UPDATE—Profound Distractions provides the first review of the album.
UPDATE2—Independent Clauses comes in with the second review.
UPDATE3—For The Country Record posted a review of the album on 5/19.

New Album: Meet the Players

The new album sounds amazing. That’s not me bragging; I’m only responsible for a small part of the sonic beauty that will soon be hitting your ears.  Let’s take a minute to recognize and celebrate the talented musicians who contributed to The Optimist:

Aaron Bishop (bass) kicked everything off on this project by volunteering to organize recording the rhythm section. He is a musician and songwriter who tours with Tyrone Wells, Matt Hires, and more.  I’ve been lucky enough to play live with him a couple of times, and he played bass for “Enemy” on Tourniquet.

Bob Matthews (drums) is a Corona-based drummer who I was lucky to meet through Aaron. He was awesome enough to host the rhythm recording in his home studio, and brought amazing energy to the songs. He tours with Kate Voegele, and plays bass in The Lucky Lonely.

I have known Rick Moore (keyboards/sax) since we attended Michelson Elementary together. I’ve been in awe of his musical prodigiousness since the first time I saw him play, and his Berklee degree only adds to the impressiveness of his resumé. He’s a founding member of Murphys band The Hot Dark and has toured with Patrice Pike.

When Rick came back from Boston he brought Kiel Williams (guitar) with him, and NorCal music fans were all the happier for it.  Kiel writes beautiful songs for The Hot Dark and plays guitar so well that I just sit back and smile.

I first saw Jimbo Scott at the Freight & Salvage open mic in Berkeley in 2011; he played his song “Stone Blood” and as soon as the night ended I beelined to give him my card. We’ve since struck a great friendship and collaborate frequently. One night he came by my house with an unfinished song and a bottle of bourbon…an hour later we had “Pick Up Your Horn”, one of my favorite songs on the album. His album Weekends at the Madhouse is out now.

Michael Clebanoff (mix) was my coworker in Los Angeles, and I owe him big time. He invited me to a show by this girl named Sami that he’d just started playing drums for…I was so impressed that I asked her to help me finish a song I was working on called “Moonshine.” Michael mixed that song and was a huge help with the rest of Tourniquet, so once I was done recording The Optimist I asked him to mix the whole thing, and his work blew me away. He also composes music for film.

Alexis Wagner created the art for the album and both singles.  She is an immensely talented designer and an exciting artist to work with, as she frequently surprises with interesting ideas and concepts. She also designed the artwork for Tourniquet.

I’m also grateful to Pete Ahonen, Owen Ridings, Caroline Nelson, Mike Stevens & Paul Stubblebine for their contributions. I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do.